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NCCER Welding 1

Welding 1 (yearlong) prerequisite: Suggest concurrent enrollment in Ag Mechanics. 

Students will learn welding safety, oxyfuel cutting, plasma arc cutting, air carbon arc cutting and gouging, base metal preparation, weld quality, SMAW equipment and setup, SMAW electrodes, SMAW beads and fillet welds, joint fit up and alignment, SMAW groove welds with backing strips and open groove. Arc welds will be performed in the flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions. Students that successfully complete all exams with a 70% and satisfactory completion of performance objectives will be awarded a nationally recognized certificate from NCCER in Welding Level 1. Student that successfully complete this course should be able to pass American Welding Society certification.


Welding 1 Syllabi Keith Nielson 10/3/2019 27 KB



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